Hello. I’m K.L. Barnes.  I’m just 40+ year old guy who likes basketball, golf, hiking, music, travel, good food and also a guy who loves to trade and see my investments grow.  But…it hasn’t always been like that.  Let me tell you how I became the trader I am today.

Like many of you, I started to accumulate some savings through my employer’s 401k plan.  I invested in the standard mutual funds that were available in my 401K because it was easy and supposedly safer with the 5% annual return expected. Every once in a while, I would buy stock.   It started to add up nicely, especially considering my company’s matching my contributions.

Well, after I left that employer, I allowed a stock broker with a reputable investment firm to manage my money. This was during the dot com craze, so the market was all abuzz about the phenomenal returns you could get from investing in the new emerging technology companies. Let’s just say I caught the tech wave on the down side. I wasn’t told to sell my positions, but to wait it out for the market to turn around. Fast forward… the dot-com bubble went BUST and my TOTAL account took a hit….a 90% lost!

It is with this loss, that I decided to learn about investing and trading. With that in mind, I invested thousands of dollars into private trading classes by professional stock and option traders.  I learned how to profit from the stock market in all kinds of market environments by becoming a stock and option trader.  During that time, I started to build another 401K with my then employer. With the knowledge that I had gained I began to trade slowly.

After leaving that company, I took the money, opened an IRA and began trading more.  I did not add any additional money to that account. Through analyzing my own trading patterns, particular stock and sector trends, I developed my own algorithm for trading that has allowed me to consistently secure gains.  Over a 5-year period, I have been able to cumulatively earn a 350% return on my original investment!

More than anything, it is my hope that I can help every day, hard-working people like you, to take control of your finances and investments by using my simple yet effective trading alert system.  Although no method is 100%, I feel confident that you can financially benefit from my years of research, trial and success.  I hope that you join me and others like you as we take control of our investments and also our financial future!