How often will I receive trade alerts?

I do not trade everyday.   I never force a trade and only enter a trade when stocks fit a certain trend for trading, which on average is 2 trades per week.

How do I enter and exit a trade?

You must use a trading platform to enter and exit trades.  Some examples of platforms include Scottrade, TD Ameritrade, E Trade, or Fidelity.  There are others.  I do not suggest using one platform versus any other.  You’ll need to decide which is best for you.

I suggest you become very familiar with the platform you use before you start your subscription with Winning Stock Trader.  You will need to know how to buy stocks and also set limit orders (used for exiting a trade automatically) on your platform.

For each trade, the trading platform will ask for:

  • Symbol:
  • Action:
  • Quantity:
  • Order Type:
  • Time in Force

Trade Alert Example

Step 1: You receive the trade alert via email or text. It will include the BUY trade and the additional SELL trade.  Example: Buy NUGT @ $10.20.  Limit order, sell @ $11.00.

Step 2: Go to your platform to enter the 2 separate trades.  You must enter the buy trade first, then enter the sell trade next.  An example of what to input into the platform trading system is as follows:

Buy trade
Symbol: NUGT
Action: Buy
Quantity:  Enter the number of shares you would like to buy.
Order Type: Typically “market”.  Make sure the price is very close to the price in the trade alert (within $.10) before you decide to enter the trade.
Time in Force: Day

Sell trade
Symbol: NUGT
Action: Sell all shares
Quantity: The platform should automatically populate this field with the total amount of shares you bought in the previous “buy” trade.
Order Type: Limit order
Time in Force: Good ’til canceled

Step 3: After entering trades, you will typically not need to do anything else as the closing trade will execute (sell shares) on it own due to limit order in place.  A text or email will be sent once the trade closes.  Please be sure to check that your shares have sold.  On rare occasions, your platform partner may could not sell all of your shares and you will need to manually close out the trade.  Also, it is rare, but you may need to adjust the trade.  You will be instructed to do so through email or text.

How much can I make on each trade?

Typically, each trade yields between $.50 – $1.25 per share. On a trade of 1000 shares with a $1.00 profit per share, you’d make $1000.  If you trade more shares, then of course, more profit.

How long will I be in a trade?

On average, most trades complete (bought, then sold) between 1-4 days. On rare occasions, trades can last days, weeks or months longer.

What is Winning Stock Trader’s trading strategy?

My trading strategy is proprietary.

What stocks does Winning Stock Trader trade?

Typically, I trade three areas: gold, oil and volatility stocks.